Abstract Epoxy Jerusalem Variation

Orli Ziv is a vibrant and multi-talented French artist. Born in 1960 , she is the daugther of child survivors who had gone into hiding in France during WWll.
Her parents raised her with the love of art , and she was lucky enought to grow up and study in Paris , giving her a taste and an eye for aesthetics.
Orli has resided just outside Jerusalem for over 25 years.
Her first paintings were naive-oriental, impressionist landscapes. Over the years , she has developed an abstract style using a palette knife to record the traces of her lyrical gestures.
As she explains , " I find abstract art very appealing because it imposes no limits."
Orli lets matter and color talk to her , and carry her as if a surfer on a wave. She likens painting to a Jazz improvisation and she has played saxophone for a few years with that same sensibility.
" Each painting tells a story and moves only a limited number of people in the same way a book or a song does."
After severals years of experimenting with mixing pigments and oil or acrylic binders , Orli has found a very personal technique.Her paintings have touched many souls with her deep , vibrant colors ,depicting the silhouette of Jerusalem.One can envision them bringing viewers to that most special city , infused with holiness and depth.
Echoes of that energy resound in the pulsating colors and rhythms of her abstract work as well , providing the spiritual quality that pervades every painting.

  2016 Art & Music Gallery
Jerusalem ,12 Yoel Salomon street
  J. S. Graphics Gallery
Shlomtsion Hamalka St., Jerusalem
  Emmanuel Gallery
48 Alkabetz old city Tzfat
  Affordable Art Fair
New York
  Art Fair Moriah
Illinois Deerfield
  Art Fair
Denver Colorado
  Buffalo Grove Festival
  2015 Art & Music Gallery
Jerusalem ,12 Yoel Salomon street
  2014 Art & Music Gallery
Jerusalem, 12 Yoel Salomon street
  Artmosphere Gallery
  Emmanuel Gallery
  2013 Rakia Gallery
Jerusalem, 18 Slomtsion ha Malka street
  Art and Music Gallery
Jerusalem ,12 Yoel Salomon street
  Emmanuel Gallery
Tzfat, 48 Alkabetz, old city
  2012 Salon d'automne
Tel Aviv Yaffo
  Les Hivernales
Paris Montreuil
  Galerie Espace 77
Paris rue Lepic
  R & G
Mamilla, Jerusalem
Yoel Salomon St., Jerusalem
  Rakia Gallery
Shlomtsion Hamalka St., Jerusalem
  Art and Soul Fine Art
1180 Caledonia Rd, Toronto CANADA
  Ha Delet Hayarok
Emek Refaim St., Jerusalem
  2011 R & G
Mamilla, Jerusalem
Yoel Salomon St., Jerusalem
  Rakia Gallery
Shlomtsion Hamalka St., Jerusalem
  Jacques Soussana Graphics
Shlomtsion Hamalka St., Jerusalem
  2010 Paris
salon d'art contemporain de la Bastille Paris
  Chatou France
salon d'art contemporain de Chatou France
  Galerie MAYANOT
Galerie MAYANOT, 28 king George st, Jerusalem
11 Yoel Salomon street
Permanent Exposition I.M.ART Gallery
  2009 south France Collective exposition
Nice Marseille Cannes
11 Yoel Salomon street
I M ART Gallery
  Tel Aviv
72 Ben Yehuda street
    Tsfat "SARAH'S TENT "
  2008 Jerusalem SHAI Galery
    Tel Aviv French Institute
    Jerusalem Opening of ART STUDIO
22,King David St.
  2006 Paris Art 25 gallery
    Jerusalem Cardo
  2004 Culturel Center
Jerusalem Working Group Exhibition in Honor of the Righteous
    Bet Shemesh French speaking painters
  2002 Jerusalem Jacques Soussana Graphics Gallery
  1999 Jerusalem Dar Gallery King David street
Dar Gallery Old City's Cardo
  Gush Etzion JUDAICA center
  1998 Jerusalem Georges V Gallery
    Gush Etzion Centre JUDAICA
(Binian aouma)
International JUDAICA Fair on celebration of Israel's 50 first years


Orli Ziv in her studio in Jerusalem
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